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Our core algorithms are AGPL Version 3, but there are ways you can experiment with our technology without being constrained. We offer both a commercial license option and a trial license, which allows you to experiment temporarily without affecting your codebase with the AGPL, giving you time to decide whether a commercial license is worth it. To learn more about the kinds of commercial licenses we offer, download our License Guide.

The goal of the license is to require that enhancements to NuPIC be released to the community.


Our CEO, Donna Dubinsky, wrote a blog post about our Patent Position.

Contributor License

Are you interested in getting involved in this project? You’ll first have to sign the Contributor License.

Trial License

In order to experiment with our technology without the constraints of the AGPL, you may sign up for our trial license. This will allow you to work under a temporary license and create a proof-of-concept and decide later whether to convert to a commercial license or go AGPL.


We welcome members of the HTM community who want to translate our documentation into languages other than English.  Feel free to notify us about your translation so that we can link to it from our web site.  We cannot take responsibility for the quality of the translations, but we appreciate your efforts to help us spread the word about this technology.

We give you the rights to translate these materials under the following license:

Copyright 2010-2017 Numenta, Inc.

Numenta owns copyrights and patent rights on documentation related to Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM). This documentation may include white papers, blog posts, videos, audios, wiki pages, online books, journal papers, manuscripts, text embedded in code, and other explanatory materials.  Numenta grants you a license to translate any or all of these materials into languages other than English, and to use internally and distribute your translations subject to the following conditions: Numenta specifically disclaims any liability for the quality of any translations licensed hereunder, and you must include this text, both in this original English and in translation to the target language, in the translation.  The foregoing applies only to documentation as described above – all Numenta software code and algorithms remain subject to the applicable software license.